Love defined.
Parshat Terumah- Purim

Shira curled up on the hoverbed, eyes staring dreamily at the ceiling. Moments earlier, she had turned the dial on the ceiling control unit from Midnight Cloud to Crystal Clear, and as the electromagnetic filaments began to disappear and the

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Beware of the little guy…
Parshat Yitro 5781

Gamestop. If you are a gamer, an aficionado of playing games that move digitally across a screen, you knew about Gamestop for years; it is the world’s largest retailer of video games, with 5,509 stores spread across the US, Canada,

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Did you feel the Vortex?
Parshat Beshalach

If you want to have a great family experience with inordinate amounts of fun for children, you might want to head on down to Disneyworld. Each year, in non-COVID times, fifty two million people, mostly families with small children, visit

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