Do You Have a Security Blanket? Parshat Ha’azinu/Sukkot 5780

The end of 1918 and the beginning of 1919 was a pretty good time for most of the world. For four years, the Great War had ravaged the European continent, leading to the death of close to twenty million people, and the injury of many more. On top of that, the Spanish Flu pandemic of

The Robots are Coming for Your Job! Parshat Vayelech/ Yom Kippur 5780

It’s here. I knew it was coming, and I had been on the lookout for it for years, but when it finally showed up, it looked nothing like what I was expecting. What I’m talking about of course is the fully automatic hamburger maker. The machine that takes your order, makes your burger to machine

Rosh Hashana Gameplan from Moscow! Rosh Hashana 5780

Moskva, Moskva… The 900 year old city sitting astride the Moskva River, with its torturous and at times glorious history, is now the second most populated city in Europe (after Istanbul). The capital of the largest country in the world, it is the cultural, scientific, political, and economic center of not only Russia, but of

I’ll Save Your Life, if You Save Mine Parshat Ki Tavo 5779

This is a true story. The name has been changed. Sasha Bazarov never had it easy. He emigrated to the USA together with his parents from Uzbekistan as a young child. His parents had to leave everything behind, and in order to be able to support the family both of them had to work all

Get Out of the Car Parshat Ki Tetzei 5779

We crossed into Egypt at the Taba Border Crossing around midnight. I was exhausted, dirty, and bone weary after two utterly crazy days in Jordan, but I trudged up to passport control with resigned indifference. If it were up to me, I would have been in one of the many five star hotels in Eilat,

Dorian’s Done it Again Parshat Shoftim

There used to be four seasons a year; spring, summer, fall and winter. But these days we have created many more seasons for ourselves. There is constructions season from April to Nov, Pumpkin Spice Latte season, which had an early start this year, showing up on August 27, and will likely run through mid-December. There

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