You want to be brainwashed!
Tazria-Metzora 5781

If you live near a large metropolitan area, you’ve probably seen this phenomenon. It probably scratched your brain for a few seconds, but you had no explanation for it, and then you got distracted by the car swerving ahead of

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Let’s Grow This!
Parshat Shmini

Owning an apartment building has its challenges. Tenants don’t pay their rent and local governments make it almost impossible to evict them. Plumbing starts getting old and leaks break out everywhere. People trash their apartments causing costly repairs, or leave

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A Night of Rebirth
Parshat Vayikra 5781

Miriam, or Maria as she was now called, went over the shopping list for the fourth time. She wanted to ensure that buying horseradish at this time of year wouldn’t raise the ever suspicious eyes of the Inquisitors who were

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