What kind of GOAT are you?

When Bobby Shafran showed up for his first day of college, he seemed quite popular upon arrival! People were coming over to him and giving him hugs and high fives, but bizarrely they kept calling him Eddy. Within a few

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The art of the heist
Nitzavim- Vayelech 5780

Most of the information in this article was found in an article by Travis McDade in the September 2020 edition of the Smithsonian Magazine.   Deep in the “if you know, you know” section, is the word INCUNABLE. To 99.9%

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The Sushi Saga
Parshat Ki Tavo 5780

This is a rerun from a previous Shabbos email, that came out exactly eight years ago. I hope you enjoy! I introduced my wife to the pleasures of good sushi on our seventh date. In just a few hours, my

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